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A look back at NASA's planet-pinpointing space 'scope_0-spun3

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A look backside at NASA's planet-pinpointing living space 'scope
(Credit:NASA/Ames/JPL-Caltech)Their astronauts announced today that a primary piece of items on the nation's Kepler space telescope has got run into problem. And though space agency has not given up on some sort of jump-start, the quest may well bns gold be in peril.It's witout a doubt gone well beyond its intended duration, having said that, and offered us with many fascinating findings.In this gallery, we check it out back during that mission -- in Kepler's intriguing mission for find Earth-like, life-friendly planets among the Milky Way's a large number of stars.Requiem for the blade and soul gold purpose of Kepler? NASA's pioneering planet-finder (snap shots) 1-2 of 30Scroll LeftScroll Proper
A look returning at NASA's planet-pinpointing room or space 'scope
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